Francisco Letelier

creative director/copywriter/strategist/insights digger/
concept visualizer/interviewer/transcreator/trend interpreter/
producer/singer/voice-over talent/chef/hockey dad/world traveler/
husband/client whisperer/facilitator/good-social-cause embracer/adult

Work Samples

IKEA /  Honda /  Picturehouse /  California Costal Commission /  Compass Bank / 
Red Bull /  Public Storage /  California Department of Alcohol and Drugs



Incredibly enough, when I started working on the IKEA business most Latinos thought it was a pricey, exclusive, European brand for the few!

Our strategy first focused on making sense of the IKEA concept as a unique shopping experience to, later, evolve all marketing communications elements to speak with the same brand voice and personality as the general audience.

This first national Latino marketing campaign included television, online (including full website development), radio, out-of-home, and print executions.

Honda of North America

An important part of my contributions to the Honda business was convincing upper management at the agency about the importance of targeting Hispanics with ads both in English and Spanish. The ideas behind the campaigns I created had such a focused, human and universal nature that the client requested to run them in the General Market as well.


Picturehouse/El Cantante

Crafting a meaningful Latino campaign for the release of “El Cantante” started with re-tooling the General Market strategy, to move the focus away from the star power of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, to the historic value of the main character. Understanding the different dynamics of the Latino culture allowed for more compelling messaging for East coast and West coast audiences.


California Coastal Commission

This pro-bono client needed a poster to promote the 2011 California Coastal Cleanup Day. However, the concept was so well received, the client immediately bought into expanding the idea into a full-fledged campaign including online and collateral elements that even put my abilities as a director to the test!

Compass Bank
Compass Bank

Compass Bank

In the thick of the economic meltdown, I lead the strategic development and execution of the first U.S. Hispanic marketing campaign in the bank's history with outstanding results that offset negative growth for the General Market, for a total growth of +4%. The secret? Our highly compelling way to humanize the product while keeping a clear one-brand-one-voice approach, regardless of language.

Red Bull

Isn't humor one of those things that gets lost in translation? Working in conjunction with Kastner & Partners in L.A., I identified the most relevant storylines of Red Bull's cartoon campaign, transcreated and executed them to Latino insights. The final product delivered humor in language through the understanding of character nuance and cultural idiosyncrasies.

Public Storage

At The Phelps Group we handle the online portion of the Public Storage account. Which doesn’t mean we can’t put to good use our broadcast chops! For this particular project I put on my director and researcher’s hats to develop and direct a series of online video testimonials, portraying real customers.

California Department of Alcohol & Drugs

The last thing a meth addict wants to hear is alarmist messages that show them the ugly, physical consequences of their habit. This campaign created for the California Methamphetamine Initiative confronts Latinos with the emotional loses such as loss of self and family, all while showing otherwise normal portraits of users. This approach yielded a strong response from the target with increased calls to the hotline by 600% in three months.


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